Error msg "cannot open file."

Hi there! Looking for a little assistance. My jailbroken apple tv 2 comes up with this error message upon attempting to open every single file. Is this occurring because we have not updated the software since it was jailbroken last Christmas? I am not tech savvy in any shape, form, or fashion. Please help me out! Thanks in advance.


I just had this happen also. My issue was because I ejected and unplugged my external drive for a few days. When I came home the drive was seen but not the files. I wound up deleting the share hard drive and setting it up again.

Thanks! How exactly do I go about doing that? O_o Sorry I’m clueless.

Hi Jamie

Go here:

on your ATV. It shows you how to add a share but you should will have to delete the one you have there first. I am not home to give you step by step but somewhere there is an option to delete your old share. Hope this helps. If you do get it going then go to:

 Maintenance --> Settings --> Manage Backups menu and do a backup of your settings. 



Forgot to mention that when you add the share (the place where your files are) and test the connection, if it passes make sure to save it.

IS this for already downloaded files? Or streaming files? We don’t have anything downloaded, just all of the random folders streaming from online through other peoples shared libraries. Thanks!

Yeah, these are downloaded torrents onto a hard drive connected to a router. I don’t have a clue about error messages while streaming. Sorry!