Error message

I’m still not able to view files, upgraded to Version 7 and still getting Error Occured message” on all video files

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Could you show a screen cap of the error message?

Is this the free version of Infuse 7 or do you have a current subscription to Infuse 7 Pro?

Still error message for 7 days have submitted ticket and no response

Could you, maybe, please, post one that’s legible, too?

Best I can make out if I squint really hard is “An error occurred. An error occurred loading this content.” But can’t see what the text in the white box is at all.

What device are you using Infuse on?
What device model / generation / storage capacity?
What operating system version and Infuse version?
Where in Infuse are you seeing this error?
Where is your content saved?
How are you accessing it?
What do your share settings look like?

I think I figured it out. My Apple TV needs to be signed into my account for Infuse to work. I had it on another account to access Apple TV subscription


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