Error message when trying to play BDMV through Emby

I’m currently using Emby as the backend to Infuse and everything is working fine…up to the point of some of my movies in BDMV format not playing. I say “some” because bluray BDMV files play fine, but UHD BDMV files result in in the following message: “AN ERROR HAS OCCURRED An error occurred loading this content”
I have confirmed that nothing is wrong with the files themselves since they play fine when using Infuse directly and bypassing Emby as the backend.
Any idea what is causing this??

Sounds like you might have some bandwidth limit set in Emby.

Hmmm…thats weird because UHD ISO files play just fine in Infuse using Emby as the backend.
Is there even a corelation between the BDMV and ISO? Also I’m not seeing anything in Emby pertaining to bandwith limit settings

Network quality is set to Auto in Emby. Even changed it to the highest setting and still get error within Infuse.

@james Any idea what is going on with this? It is only happening with UHD BDMV files and not regular Bluray BDMV files. Please advise, thanks

Unfortunately, BDMV files streamed from Emby or Jellyfin are not supported at the moment.

You can follow this thread for updates.

Is this even on the radar to implement?

The issue/suggestion was initially noted/made in 2015 (8+ years ago) and has since acquired only three first-post likes; and the linked thread has not been assigned a roadmap status (not even “wishlist”). Together, these data points lead me to suspect Firecore will not be dedicating any resources to supporting this type of media playback via Emby/Jellyfin in the foreseeable future.

Thus you might consider moving your BDMV files to a dedicated folder which you then share with Infuse directly (independently of your Emby/Jellyfin server) which ought to alow Infuse to access, index, and play the content.

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