Error Message: Permission Denied (13)

I am unable to to access my files on my PC hard drive using my Apple Tv 2.
Each time I try, I get this error message
Permission Denied (13)
can someone please help me solve this?

I have the same problem, since i have installed windows 10 i get the permission denied(13) error.

khobi did you find a solution?

Same here with Windows 8.1.

A little help would be appreciated…

Found the problem, seems my laptop was on a public network (wifi) coud not change this but at advanced settings you can chouse to share files and printers. That fixed my problem.

I am sorry, but all like now I have not been able to solve that Error 13 problem

Hello, same problem here … just bought and impossible to use it…

I’m having this same problem. I started a new thread here: