Error message on only some files

The setup:
2TB WD My Passport - plugged into
Apple Airport Extreme v 6.3.6 - streaming via SMB to
ATV4 using Infuse version 4.2 (as of this writing of course)

The issue:
I have certain files which will not play and result in the message “An error occurred loading this content.” The strange thing is I can play the same files via VLC on my Mac. Where it gets really odd is Kodi cannot play them either and I’m shown more information, which is, the culprit files are shown as being 0Kb.

Both my 2TB WD My Passport and back-up both show real files sizes. The file format is typically mp4. I haven’t tested ever video file I have.

Any help would be fantastic! Cheers

I too have the same problem! Using the same HDD.
Before the last update everything worked properly.
Now I tried to delete it and reinstall it, re-creating the network connection but can not find anything more, is to “test the network connection.”
But with VLC everything works properly, so it is not a HDD problem I connecting it to Apple TV

I am having the same issue.

I upload content to my WD 4tb elements running through a netgear r6300 and it seems to playback fine on infuse 4.2 for atv4.

Then 2-3 days later I go to play the same content and it gives me “an error occurred trying to load this content”. When I find the file on the drive it shows full size and normal and then try to play in VLC and it says it won’t play or is corrupt.

If I then track down the original file on my PC it will play just fine.

I then re up the file to the hdd and it works again.

Not sure what’s happening but that has been my experience so far.

Now I’m worried about deleting the original files and having to track them down again