ERROR message changing to Apple TV Mode

When applying update 3.6.2 (now on two different Flash drives as I thought my original was the problem), files seems to load OK, until the end when I receive the message “Unable to change to Apple TV mode. Unmount failed” This occurs after files have loaded and the flash drive is trying to change from Patchstick-mode to Apple TV mode. Any suggestions? Thanks

What OS are you using?

OSX 10.5.7

Some things to try is fully erase the drive by going to the Erase tab and then to Security Options and choose Zero Out Data. Give that a shot and see if it afterwards you can successfully create the USB stick. Also, do you make sure to keep aTVFlash as the active application throughout the entire process? I’ve found that if I go to another application when creating the stick it won’t successfully make the stick. Let me know how any of that goes.

Well I was hopeful, but same problem…no dice. What now?