Error Loading purchased Movies from iTunes (+ a General Love Letter to Firecore)

Infuse plays back every video file I toss at it… EXCEPT legally purchased movies from iTunes. I did the standard idiot checking things like power cycling the ATV4 and rebooting my PC, but still I get an error. I even defragged my media drives just to be sure. :slight_smile: ATV4 is connected via Ethernet and infuse is pointed @ my computer drive via SMB. Running windows 8.1 It works awesome w/ every bit of content expect these darn purchased iTunes movies.

I assume this is user error… or does infuse not like iTunes purchased video content?

And now my love letter… I have a massive BR collection that I am sick of dealing with; I wanted to rip them to my PC to stream to my TVs. I was fearing I would either have to rip and then convert to an Apple friendly format via Handbrake (ug!) OR go with a dedicated box like Dune HD or Popcorn Hour and deal with yet another appliance (which would only confuse my family). By luck someone mentioned “Infuse” on a Popcorn hour thread, so… I tried it out. WOW! What an amazing and elegant application you have here… I ended up ripping about 30 BRs this weekend, and infuse played back every MKV w/ uncompressed HD audio like a champ. LOVE the metatagging and subtitles. LOVE the collections and favorite tagging. Bought the pro subscription! I can’t thank you enough for putting out what is basically an answer to my dreams. Brilliant product, and very well designed UI.


The movies from iTunes have DRM (digital rights management) so the movies can’t be pirated and thus can only be played with Apple software.

Have you tried the app included with the Apple TV called “Movies iTunes”? It’s purpose in life from what I can tell is to play movies you have purchased in iTunes. Then you don’t have to worry about “casting” from anywhere.

I understand re: DRM. But are you are saying Infuse will NOT play back a legally purchased iTunes movie downloaded to my hard drive? Note these are downloaded iTunes movies linked to my Apple Account that the ATV can play just fine.

Currently I download iTunes purchased movies to my hard drive and use Home Sharing + the “Computers” app on Apple TV to stream them from my computer hard drive. I’d like to scrap using the “Computers” app and use Infuse to play them via Apple TV as well… in essence having it be my sole media player on ATV, merging both my Blu-Ray rips and my downloaded iTunes movies.

First off, thanks for the kind words. It’s great to hear from those who enjoy using Infuse. :slight_smile:

With regard to purchased iTunes content, unfortunately NC is right. At this time Apple does not allow 3rd party apps to play purchased content. We’re hopeful they may open this up in the future, but for right now the only way to play them is through the Apple provided apps. Sorry.

Cool, thx for confirming, and I totally understand re: Apple and their policies. I got so used to Infuse playing everything back, I assumed it would work for the DRM iTunes content too. :slight_smile:

At this point, I still can’t believe this app cost $7 for the subscription… it’s an absolute steal for the value it provides. The fact that it was designed by people who understand good GUI design is the cherry on top. Keep up the good work.

Thanks again. Many more good things still to come. :wink: