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Before yesterday (Saturday 20/3/2021) everything was working fine. I was playing a 30 gig file (located on Google Drive) and halfway through the movie, I got the error message ‘Error loading content’. I troubleshot other movies and large files had problems playing but smaller files still played fine. Today (Sunday 21/3/2021) nothing at all loads, large or small.

  1. Restarted Infuse 6 - Didn’t work
  2. Deleted and reinstalled Infuse 6 - Didn’t work
  3. Deleted the Infuse cache - Didn’t work
  4. Reset Apple TV4K - Didn’t work
  5. Reset internet - Didn’t work

Please help. Nothing on Infuse 6 is working now. iTunes, Disney+, and Funimation all stream fine (internet connection working).

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