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Hello. I’ve bern using infuse 5 pro and everythig was perfect. I have an apple tv 4k and 2Tb hard drive connected to the airport time capsule.

The point is that i wanted to migrate from several 2Tb drives to just one 8Tb drive and doing so everything looked ok but suddenly I started having errors in files I had seen perfectly before. And on other cases the image is blank and the lenght of the movie is something like 38:45:12 (38 hours!!!). The sound even is from other files.

I’ve tried several times and everything looks fine and works fine until I pass that 2Tb limit. Afterwards Infuse starts to have problems with the reproduction on most of the films.

I connect with my comouter to that drive and every file looks ok and reproduces perfectly but in Infuse (in the apple tv, in the Iphone or in the Ipad, behaves badly)

Is there a limit of 2Tb in the Infuse Database??

Thanks in advance

Welcome to the forum!

What type of device are you streaming from? Did you set up a new share for the 8TB drive, or did you replace one of your 2TB shares with this new drive?

One thing you may try is to remove any old shares, and set up a new share for the 8TB drive from scratch. This will ensure Infuse gets rid of any old data that may be causing issues.

Hello James. Thank you for your answer. Im streaming from a WD 8Tb HD formated in Apple format and connected to a airport time capsule. Its then connected to the apple tv via ethernet cable. Everything works great and almost no load time and when the hd is almost empty everything is great, but after 2Tb the files starts to corrupt.

Im made a whole new connection, removing the old 2Tb ones but No way. The first files are perfect (4k hdr ans 1080p) but after 2 Tb the ones that worked before start to fail. Any ideas?

I don’t think this is something we’ve ever seen here or had reported, so if you have a chance to send in a quick report from your device if/when this happens again we can look further info what is going on here.

FWIW, there’s no hard size limit in Infuse, and I’m personally using a 48TB Synology NAS. 8)