"Error loading content"

Using Infuse v4 Pro on new Apple TV with content being streamed from a network share (USB drive connected to Time Capsule). In general all works great, but have started coming across a common error when pausing TV shows halfway through. or stopping midway for some reason… when I then come back to that same file get an “error loading content” message, and nothing seems to fix it. I think this generally happens with MKV files… but can’t be certain. Does the software insert a marker (or similar) to remember play position? Can this damage the file in some way? Any suggestions appreciated…

I am getting this on a lot of files too. I upgraded to infuse 5, still same issue. plays fine in VLC

What kind of WLAN are you using?
I had the same problem with Infuse 4.
For me it was on the Wlan 2.4 Ghz.
Now I have changed to 5 Ghz and everything runs well.

I am having this same issue using Google Drive streaming. I am able to watch files loaded from OneDrive, as well as other Google Drives. But my primary Google drive gives the error. When I first set it up, i did not have that issue. Is there a limit to how many inquiries a program can ping Google Drive before it denies access? I am able to steam the video’s directly in the Google Drive app with no issues.