Error loading content too but just on some files

Hi All !
So I’m running into the same kind of problems others do here.
My files are stored on a Mede8er 800 device.
MOST files work just fine without any issue. HR, 4Ks, MKVs, you name it. All works fine and smooth.
Revcently I have added a few new files on the Mede8er. These play without any problem from the mede8er itself, but make me run into this “loading” problem when I try from the latest version of Infuse on an AppleTV4K with latest OS (not beta).
Can anyone direct me at some options / solutions ?
Or maybe it’s Infuse that has trouble with some kind of encodings ?
Thanx for your feedback…

Welcome to the forum!

You may try the last 5.7.4 update which was released today. If that doesn’t help, then please send in a report and open a support ticket so we can look into this further.