error loading boxee + mkv freezing

I was able to get atvflash for windows loaded, most everything great on the atv. I had to upgrade a few things, when I went to load boxee it said error cant load. so after reading boards i did the launcher and it still wont work. i dont know what else to do. Also, when i was using couchsurfer and went to hulu it was a disaster, i tried watching a show and it freeze my atv then rebooted it. Also, i notice that it i try to watch a mkv h264 file it locks up my atv and reboots it. I guess i will have to see if there is a program in nero or somewhere else to convert mkv to avi, which is a drag.
my big thing is boxee, its the main reason I paid for atvflash.

I believe it depends on the bitrate of the mkv file, do you know at what bitrate they are encoded at? As for the Boxee problems, you updated the Launcher, Boxee, and XBMC correct? All three need to be updated and the order should be:

  1. Launcher
  2. XBMC
  3. Boxee

If you did do all that then you can try going into the Apple TV via WinSCP. Once you are in the frontrow folder go into Library > Application Support and then rename the Boxee folder to Boxee2 or something like that. That folder carries support files for Boxee and now when you launch Boxee on the Apple TV, it will recreate that folder with default information. See if that works and let me know.