Error: "Indexing Failed for <>". Infuse appears to have a limitation that prevents reading Plex libraries that grow too large.

I love Plex on iOS and tvOS, but it just doesn’t handle video as well as Infuse (on the Apple TV 4k). For many months, Infuse (on both iOS and tvOS) has not been able to scan my Plex server’s library. The following error is shown whenever I go to [settings > library]: "Indexing failed for ". I’ve completely removed/reinstalled/reconfigured Plex server a dozen times and I have meticulously removed and re-added media to my Plex library in attempt to determine if the root cause for Infuse’s error was a specific movie or show that was corrupted or something. After many hours, I noticed that Infuse successfully scans any newly created Plex library until the library reaches a certain size. I’ve reached the point in which Infuse does not get any errors while scanning UNLESS I add 1 more movie or show to my Plex library. It doesn’t matter which movie or TV show I add. For reference, the Plex library I’m testing has 409 movies and 384 episodes. Adding 1 more movie triggers the “Indexing failed” error.

Can someone with a large Plex library test and see if they can reproduce this issue? I’m about to stop using Infuse unless I can find a solution to this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

ps, Skipping Plex integration and just using SMB shares for Infuse is a non-starter for me as I want central control of my media library along with the ability to resume from where I left off on another device.

377 movies
2164 Episodes

no issues

Please try again. When the error appears again, go to settings, scroll dow to “send Diagnostics” (last item in the list) and post code here so someone at Firecore can check

Yep, as elchupete mentioned, sending a report and opening a ticket is the best way to track down a resolve issues like this.

More info on doing this can be found here.