Error in Infuse with Plex

Hi, I used to watch movies from Infsue but now when I start a movie it’s says An error occurred loading this content

I’m using shared library plex, it’s possible to block infuse from playing videos?

Yes it is possible.

If you’re able to send in a quick note from your device we can take a deeper look into what is going on here.

This happened to me yesterday too. I had a feeling it was a bad file so I remux the file even though it was MP4. And this solved the problem for me. Although this happened on my Apple TV I did not try it on the iPad

Diagnostics: W1T54

Ticket: [#139552]

thanks for your reply

In Mac Monterey I can’t play back any file it throws error immediately

An error occurred loading this content.

Its 1080P videos mostly not even 4k

Screenshot 2021-10-29 at 9.30.14 AM

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It seems changing the streaming cache from auto to legacy worked give it a try. But why auto is not working

Didn’t work

it works for few and few still same not sure if its file type.

Swapped back and forth still

You might want to do this.

Any updates?
Diagnostics: P9G8W

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same thing but it seems its only one tv show files causing it others are working fine
Diagnostics: X9ZNK

It looks like Infuse is getting a series of 503 errors (service unavailable) from this Plex server.

This may be caused by a network issue, or settings on the Plex server.

Looking into this. Thanks.


I’m having the same issue, but it only occurs when I’m not connected directly to my Plex server. At home I am able to use Infuse, but not when I’m out.

I believe that the problem comes from the fact that I’m using a custom server access URL (I am able to watch my videos from thanks to the custom URL since my router settings are not compatible with Plex’s Remote Access).

is there any way to specify Infuse a custom URL for Plex ? There’s a chance it could work

The 7.4.4 update released released in late August includes a number of improvements in this area for Plex users.

Besides adding a few fixes, we’ve also work to improve the error messages displayed when issues with Plex streaming may come up.

Please give this update a try and see how it works for you.

I now have the problem that a lot of my files will not work anymore…
The latest update is installed on my iphone and my AppleTV.
It simply states an error occured…
This does not help me at all.
If the log could be more detailed I could check if something is wrong with my docker setup but that did work for months now…

Diagnostic Protocoll: CXWET

It looks like Infuse is getting network related errors when attempting to connect.

To resolve this, you may try restarting the NAS, router, and the Apple TV.

You can also walk through the steps to ‘Connect to Plex’ in Infuse to ensure Infuse has the most current security token for the server.

So I got it working again, after adding my subnet to the local networks in Plex but it still shows in the Plex logs that it is a WAN connection…
Also when I watch some files it stutters like mad even though it is only a 1GB file.
I also get the following errors in my Plex log:
[Req#1d058] X-Plex-Container-Size header exceeds limit 120. This will fail with status code 400 in the future.
Is there any way for me to check over what connection Infuse is trying to connect?
I setup my Container so that remote traffic is sent thorugh traefik reverse proxy but the local port is directly open to the container.

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