Error fetching content in Movies and TV Shows

Hi everyone,

I just purchased a PRO version for Infuse and once I added my GDrive account, I was disappointed due to almost all metadata was wrong and even TV Shows appears as “others”.

The first problem is with Movies.
I got some for testing and (as you guys can see in my attachments) some of them has metadata properly and some others…
However, if I select the movie (the one is not properly added), I can see the picture.

The second issue is with TV Shows.
I got some too and Infuse 6 shows them as “others”… and I am not even able to see the picture of any chapter.
All the TV Shows are in folders as:

TeamDrive/TV Shows/(name)/Season 1/chapter 1x01.mkv

Is there any Bug/Known issue with it?
Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Can you try disabling the ‘Embedded Metadata’ option found in Infuse > Settings > General? Having this off will allow Infuse to fetch artwork from TMDb/TheTVDb instead of using the embedded artwork. Once off, you may need to use the Edit option on the affected items to refresh the artwork.

Also, for Google Drive you will need to ensure the series name is included in the filename itself, as Infuse cannot read this from the Google Drive folders.

More info on metadata as well as a list of the recommended naming styles can be found here.

Hi James,

Turn it off, I got the same issue as before.
What I fixed, is the movies error, so it is fine.

But TV Shows still not appear as it has to be.

The serie names are like (example)

TV Shows/The Blacklist/Season 1/1x01_The_Blacklist.mkv

Do you think I’m doing something wrong?


For TV shows, you’ll want to include the series name before the episode info.



Hi James,

Thanks for your reply

Seriously I have to change everything in my drive?
Is not other way to change or implement this?

I’m not going to change everything in my drive only to see tv shows :frowning:


Unfortunately we don’t have another option, sorry. :frowning:

The naming style you have in place would work fine on most share types, but with Google Drive we’re a bit limited due to their APIs and cannot link folder names with files.

Hi James,

Thanks for replying.
I don’t understand why Google API, according to your comment, is not able to get TV Shows properly and addons like “GDrive” for Kodi does and, for sure, emby and Plex.