Error entering DFU mode

I purchased an ATV2 today used obviously and cannot seem to get Seas0npass to complete? The first thing I did was restore the ATV2 to 5.3 that I downloaded. Then I ran Seas0npass and it took forever to download it’s software. Once it was finished it started to do it’s thing and it gets to the uploading the IPSW to the device and then it errors out saying error entering DFU mode? The ATV2 is still blinking fast so I have to think that it is still in DFU mode but I do hear a notification sound on my Windows 8.1 machine just as it says that it is uploading that sounds like the ATV2 is disconnecting??? I paid good money for this hunk of junk and now can’t take advantage of XBMC or any of the other cool stuff. Can someone point me in the direction of a fix for this issue. The USB cable is brand new so it isn’t that.???

I had problems jail breaking by using season pass directly.
It is better if you follow this thread

It is not hard but you should try to follow it step by step

It works and you can keep the signed firmware for future use

i had this issue before on my iMac, i found rebooting the system would fix it
another method that also worked for me was to plug in the apple start season pass , while it was doing its thing and downloading software i disconnected the apple tv and waited until it was finished and prompted for the apple tv to be put in dfu mode. i then plugged in the apple and put it in dfu mode. this method would work 50% of the time otherwise a reboot was necessary