Error Emby collections in Mac Infuse version

Hello, when I use Infuse in macOS with my Emby server it does not work correctly. In my Apple TV it shows everything perfect, but in the macOS version in the line of collections I get empty or only shows eight or nine collections, when I actually have hundreds on my server.

I already reported this problem months ago, but it has not been solved, and you have not given me any response.

Why do my Emby server collections not appear the infuses macOS version but in Apple TV version?

I just tried to reinstall infuse in macOS, and I have discovered the following:

I have my Emby server library housed in Google Drive, and I have divided the films and collections in alphabetical order folders, and in the Apple TV the collections of all the folders appear to me, while in the Infuse version for MacOS only I only Recognize the collections that I have in the folder of the letter S.

This is very strange …

I am investigating and a very rare thing happens …

On my Emby server I have activated the collection option (it is a Emby plugin called Auto Boxsets) and I think that all the problem comes from there:

In infuse for macOS in the left sidebar if I select the emby folder called collections the Emby server disappears and if in the library I selected that folder called collections from Emby, only locals me 8 collections, when in the Apple TV I appear hundreds .