Error downloading content to iPad Pro

Since I’ve bought a new iPad Pro this summer I’ve been sufering this bug/error everytime I want to watch a movie/tv show offline.
I have a NAS connected as SMB server and streaming content everything works great. But when I plan to travel I use the “download content” function and I’ve got about 10-20 times the can’t download content por each movie. I’ve to resume download everytime.
Am I doing something wrong? can’t see any related topic so I don’t know if it’s only my case.

Are you locking your iPad while it’s downloading the videos? This causes iOS to stop the downloads after a short while (even if the device is plugged in).

I would suggest just leaving your iPad unlocked with Infuse open, as this stops your iPad from going to sleep until all your currently downloading videos have finished.

I’m not locking the iPad… it stops a lot of times, sometimes it stops, I resume and stops again and have to resume 2-3 times continuosly.

Maybe you are having network issues. Do you have an iPhone to test the same thing?

I’m experiencing the same issue. Synology NAS connected to Apple TV 4k via SMB. Receiving download error on both iPad Pro & iPhone 12 Pro Max

Same happens on iPad Pro and iPhone8.
Since the last Infuse version … downloading content is toooooo slow. With a Gigabit network It takes 20min to download a 10Gb movie.
Is there something I could share with you to try to get a solution?

Still experiencing the issue on v7.1. How can we get a fix for this issue?

Are you using SMB to connect to the source? If so, you can try adjusting the SMB version used by Infuse to see if it makes any difference with your particular setup (SMB2 and Legacy are 2 options to try). This can be done by navigating to the Advanced tab of a share’s settings in Infuse.

Also, while viewing a share’s settings you can also run a speed test, which will allow you to get some insight as to the network speeds you’re getting.

Thanks @james that seemed to work. looks like it was on SMB3. the speed test was a little slow. changed to SMB2 & the speed was faster & downloaded to 100% without error.