Error code 13


I am able to setup my computer under “shares”, it shows all the drives etc that I cleared for streaming. It worked for a while with “Media Player”. Now all of a sudden I just get this Error 13 message. I was hoping that the update would take care of it but it hasn’t. I haven’t changed anything about my network configuration since it worked. Any clues?

I get the same error…but only with big 720 p mkv files ???

+1 making it useless for me.

Hey I am a newbie and dont know how to share my files. Some help would be greatly appreciated. I Have installed all the software and works perfectly.  Thanks

This is what worked for me: I had not set a password for my Windows 7. After setting a password (so now I need to enter it each time I boot up my pc, but that’s a small nuisance) it worked flawlessly. Hope it helps!

I have the same problem! I am on windows xp. How do i set password?