error after screenlock

Hello, could you help me to resolve my issue?
I am using smb share to watch movies on local network.
I pause a movie, lock phone, wait 1 minute, unlock phone, unpause a movie - error occurred.
Same happens after few minutes in background without lock.
I understand, that it is iOS limitation, but why an error? Why app can’t realize that connection is broken and restart playing when I click pause to watch movie again?
I remember that apple tv version of infuse even launched a paused movie after sleep/shutdown.

You might want to try assigning a static IP address on your local net for your device, that way if it releases the connection it will get back the same IP when it reconnects. If it’s getting a new IP on reconnect then it’s going to error out. Not sure if it’d help your issue but it would eliminate one possibility.

Device is not loosing wi-fi connection. iOS is killing app’s background tasks after some minutes (1 minute if screen is locked). So when I resume playback Infuse thinks that there is no connection and throws error instead of trying to play file again.