Error 3194, AppleTV is not eligible, etc...

“Apple is no longer ‘signing’ the version of AppleTV software you are attempting to restore. Update to the latest version of Seas0nPass to jailbreak and install the latest AppleTV version.”


My iOS software is 4,3 (8F455) and Apple TV software 4,3 (2557)

Does this mean that I need to update iOS software to the latest version or only Apple TV software? IS it possible to update only Apple TV software and not iOS software?


Use Tiny Umbrella (uncheck the check cydia option). Then use iReb to put the atv2 into dfu mode. Lastly use iTunes (shift+restore) to restore to the jailbroken firmware. You won’t need to upgrade from 4.3 since Apple is still signing it (just use Tiny Umbrella afterwards to backup your shsh too).