Error 3194 and Repeating logo on boot.


 I have just recently jailbroken my apple tv 2 on 5.2 fw. When I plug it into my tv it will just sit there and not display anything until i hold the 2 buttons for 7 secs. After holding the buttons the logo will stay on the screen for like 10 seconds and then the screen will go black again until i hold the two buttons again. It seems to be a continuous loop, and when I attempt to re jailbreak it i continually get the 3194 error. I have done this like 10 times now. Can someone please help me out? Thank you.

You need to comment out the redirect lines in your HOSTS file. Put a # in front of any line containing and then save the file.

Without knowing if you are on a Windows or Mac there isn’t much info one can provide.

the reason that’s happening is due to you holding the 2 buttons just plug it in and you will see the apple logo. don’t hold the 2 buttons. also, if you try to rejailbreak it and it’s telling you error 3194 try 1 of 2 things first right click create ipsw and select the most current firmware. 2 use a new micro cable.