Error 21 everytime on 5 diffrent PC's 8F455

So, I have tryed jailbreaking this new ATV2 with the software provide. I have jailbroken plenty of other atv2’s before.


but for some reason this apple tv 2 is being stubborn.


i have tryed this on 5 diffrent machines , 2 of them are win7, 1 of them was mac os x 10.6 and the other 2 are xp machines.


they all had the latest 10.5 itunes running. i ran the seas0npass jailbreak and it did its thing, got to the point where i was ready to restore with JB firmware.


hit shift + restore every time and selected the file, and every time i got error 21…


IS the 10.5 software screwing up jailbreak?