Erratic Movie Artwork

If only we had the option of choosing what cover art we want to use in infuse, like in Kodi for nvidia shield.

Sorry that my first post here is a complaint but I find this situation unacceptable.
Most of my artwork has disappeared from my library, I don’t want to clear all the metadata as I had a lot that I had to manually add plus many of the new images I don’t like.

Why can’t there be a way to preserve your metadata and/or revert to backed up metadata?

It was an absolute PITA when Infuse lost all of my metadata either last year or the year before when version 6 cloud syncing was introduced, it took me several hours to get everything back.

Please developers don’t let this happen again.

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I completely agree with the sentiment of oneofmany - well written.
It has also been a massive pain for me, which is a big disappointment for a “Lifetime” subscriber.

I appreciate that it’s housework, but being as the actual movie & TV data (text) is consistent and it’s the poster you have issue with losing - then you can simply download and save your own posters. You may find that posters on tmdb are not the best ones out there, and so places like TPDb are a god send.

Again, I know it’s a little work, but you’ll end up with a library that is visually how you want it to be - forever.

This is appalling. Yet another massive metadata failure and the response from Firecore has proven again that they don’t give a flying f— about our experience with their product.

Telling people that the “solution” is to delete their metadata is lazy and disingenuous.

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We are aware of an issue with movie artwork which is affecting some users.

The Problem
This issue can cause missing or strange artwork for some movie titles.

Why is this happening?
TMDb (the site Infuse uses for movie info and artwork) recently went through a major site update, and as part of general housekeeping some older, outdated images were removed. This means if Infuse had poster xyz.jpg stored for a title in your library and that poster had been removed from TMDb, then Infuse would not be able to obtain that particular poster.

The solution
The way to resolve this is to use the Edit option on the affected title. Doing this will refresh the metadata and search for an updated poster, so instead of poster xyz.jpg Infuse would now use poster abc.jpg. If you have a library where more than a handful of titles were affected you can use the Clear All Metadata option found in Settings, and Infuse will get the latest posters for your entire library all at once. This process is entirely automatic, and in most cases will only take a few minutes. Things like watched history and playback progress will not be affected.

The future
We’ll soon be introducing a new option to sync artwork to iCloud, which will help avoid issues like this in the future.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience this has caused, but appreciate your patience and understanding.

Has anyone else experienced that infuse now downloads ugly posters? Most of my movies now have these ugly posters with text and weird looking posters? Im almost giving up on infuse. This is not first time I am told to delete everything and start over??

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Are there specific titles you are seeing issues with?

Are the correct posters available on

All kind of movies.

Alexander has this poster with all sort of text on it, but before this happed whit the upgrade the poster was just plain and simple.
For most of my movies it chooses som ugly posters.

@ElvedinT The problem with the custom posters is on TMDb. I strongly suggest to the Infuse developer team is to let us choose between the available ones if the official one is not the one we like.

Currently, Infuse will use the top-rated poster from TMDb.

Does this match what you are seeing?

If you sign up for a free TMDb account, you can vote up/down posters which can affect their ranking.

This is something we hope to add in a future update.

winstonerosion I agree with you. I deleted the metadata once again, and now the posters are totally different, but half of them are still ugly :confused:

Hi James. Yes it chooses the first one, but my posters never use to have all that kind of text on them, that’s why I liked infuse, it was plain and simple.

Yeah, generally the top rated posters are the best ones, but due to the reshuffle at TMDb there is a bit of a lag on new/updated posters getting voted on and rising to the top.

It looks like a new top-rated poster has been selected for Alexander (Alexander (2004) — The Movie Database (TMDb)), so if you give it a few hours it should be available in Infuse (you will need to use the Edit option and reselect the title to pull down the new artwork).

As mentioned above, we hope to add a poster picker in a future update which will make this process a bit easier.

That is what I did last night. Went through all my movies that had weird posters, logged into the movie database and upvoted the one I wanted and downvoted the others. And a few cases I had to upload a new version that didn’t exist anymore so that I could vote that specific one. All but a handful of cases I got the poster I wanted which matched what they used to be. And a few cases I actually like the other poster better.

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I wanted to say I’m glad other people are having the same issues as I am, so I don’t feel alone in my frustration, but we shouldn’t be having these issues.
I’m also getting non-English titles, and yes I checked tmdb and the problem is there, not with infuse.
My question is why is infuse connected with this site that can’t keep proper metadata?

In general, it has been fine. It is just now when they went through and clean things up after years of user uploads and things. They have been going through a major website redesign currently as well. It is not like this is a regular thing and if they do it again infuse will have it stored in iCloud anyways so it won’t be a problem

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+1 and things as a whole are looking better but it’s not unusual to see glitches when you’re in a growth mode. Also just to clarify a bit about the iCloud storage, Infuse will be adding the ability to store the artwork in iCloud in an upcoming 6.4.X update. That’s a best guess but it’s not available yet and you can keep track of it here Upcoming Features (updated 2/23/21) (I know munpip214 tracks this, the link is for those who may not know about the features coming post :wink: ).

I’ve done a purge and most movies are good now. A few show just white squares instead of a poster or a movie frame. On my iPad these movies do have artwork. Some of the miniature images are still random frames instead of a nice picture, and somehow one of the 3 Godzilla collections doesn’t show up in the collections view, but does show up in the regular movies view.

It sucks that TMDB now has some movies showing foreign titled posters.

While I find Infuse excellent I find it odd that its reliant on 2 databases and the fact that there’s no warning built in saying “image update, yes or no” or even keeping what you’ve built up. Mine has just updated on my ATV and iPad and lots of them are rubbish.