Erratic Movie Artwork


I’ve got a great library and usually the artwork presents normally once you sort out the metadata.

I’ve noticed recently that my movies folder, all the movies relapsed to random artwork (screengrab from movie or something else).

Anyone know why this happens.

I checked on my iPhone and everything looks normal on my iPhone.

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Please see the official post on this issue here.

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You’re not alone. I’ve had I believe 10 issues pop up with the recent ATV update and this is one of them.

Mine has been fine up until today, now almost all my movies (1500+) the artwork is being replaced with screenshots from the movie, what’s going on?


Mine did the same. Fine yesterday but today all of my movies switched to screen grabs.

Here the same issue since today…

Oh wow so it’s not just me! That’s really frustrating!

A few things to check here.

  1. Look in Infuse > Settings > General to ensure ‘Metadata Fetching’ is on, and ‘Embedded Metadata’ is off
  2. If browsing via folders on Apple TV, look to see if the words ‘Local Metadata’ appear in the top right corner
  3. Try using the Edit button on one of the affected items, reselecting the correct title, and see if the artwork appears

Number 3 worked but to do that to 1200+ movies would take a really long time

It’s obviously a bug of some sort as it’s been fine till today, editing manually isn’t an option when you have 1500+ movies.


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You can have Infuse update them all automatically by using the ‘Clear All Metadata’ option in Settings.

Clicking this will force Infuse to refetch metadata and artwork for everything.

How do I know it won’t happen again… because it’ll be annoying if I have to keep clearing and refetching every time it does it

Other problem I found is that Infuse is fetching custom covers, not the real/official ones.

TMDb recently went through a major site update, and as part of general housekeeping some older, outdated images may have been removed.

Can you check and see if the correct posters are available at

That’s not working for me. I’ve tried repeatedly and the metadata won’t clear.

As for the other things you listed, I haven’t changed any settings and the issues are only with the ATV that was updated to 6.3.5. My other ATV is working normally, metadata and all.

This one per example: Anathema : A Sort Of Homecoming (2015) — The Movie Database (TMDb) Infuse is not even fetching the cover. The description is fine (and the same as TMDb) but there’s no cover.

I don’t want to derail what you are doing with James but the only poster for that movie is set to french and depending on what you have set for language used for metadata may affect what is fetched also I believe.

Could be, but before the update, that cover was fecthed correctly ?

Let me find other examples.

Edit: Yeah, seems like TMDB is using some ‘new’ covers for some classic movies :frowning:

Edit 2: I voted for the classic covers and looks like there are the principals right now. Maybe an option inside Infuse to select between available covers? Anyway, thank you for your support :slight_smile:

Apparently TMDB has been deleting A LOT of posters, and if your movies had one of those, it got deleted from your library and Infuse doesn’t replace it with another one unless you manually edit each movie.

So now my only options are to “edit” almost every movie in Infuse (over 1600), or to “Clear all metadata” so my entire library (over 7100 items) gets updated.
I won’t be happy with either one but I guess I’ll be better off just clearing all metadata…

It would be nice if Infuse could somehow periodically update data from TMDB and thetvdb so we’re up to date with new posters and info

I guess the solution is, Infuse should stop auto-removing cached artwork.

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If you look at the Changes log, you can see that TMDb Bot deleted the English poster on 28th FEB 2020, for reasons that don’t make sense to anyone. (See - TMDb Issues - Mass deletion of Movie Posters)

From my experience though, Infuse will fetch the foreign poster if no English poster is available.

I have just started saving a local copy of every movie poster to my shared folders once I’m happy with the one I have. You can’t trust TMDb to not change posters - It’ll either delete posters, or users will upvote non-original posters to be the default poster at some point. This is why I’m hopeful to get this bug (Can’t change custom poster art. Can only set once) fixed, because it’s causing me issues right now.