Episodes Titles of Series are gone

One week ago I migrated from Infuse 5 to 7, so far so good.
What I am still missing is the Episode titels of any Series.
On Version 5 this was automatically done by name e.g. s01e01 …
Not on Version 7 anymore, there no count for any episode, it is just the file name to see.

Any idea how to solve this issue?

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First, what device are you using Infuse on?

EDIT TO ADD: You may want to check and see if you have “Show File Names” selected in the general settings.

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I am using infuse on an Apple TV4k and yes “show file names” was slected.
To unselect solve that issue.
Thanks for your quick help, you made my day:-)

BTW on infuse Version 5 it doesnt matter if “show file names” are selected.

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Glad you got it working like you want!

There’s been a TON of new features added since V5 so enjoy digging around. :wink:

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