Episodes of original series mixed with remake

Dear FireCore community, I have an issue.

I have the original Dr Who series, along with the Dr Who (2005) new series.

For the longest time, in the TV listings, there were two Dr Who folders. All the original series and episodes were in one folder, and the remake Dr Who episodes in another folder.
However, after one of the updates (some months ago now), the original doctor Who folder disappeared, so there is only one ´folder` Called Doctor Who, and all the original series episodes are mixed up in among the remake series episodes. This makes it very difficult to find an episode that one is trying to find.

What would be the best way to make infuse separate theses two versions of this classic Sci-Fi series and bring order back to my library?

Thank you in advance for any recommendations.

Never mind. I sorted it out.

The original series was listed as Doctor Who.
The remake was listed as Doctor Who (2005)

I retitled every episode of every season of the original series to
Doctor Who (1963)

Now, everything is listed correctly in the library once more.



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