Episodes in folder don't flatten

I have spent hours searching for an answer on the community and reading the library 101. I can’t find a solution so I am hoping someone can help.

I have one folder (show is Supernatural) that will not show the season subfolders instead will only show me all episodes from all seasons as a mass of episode thumbnails. The episode thumbnails are random images from the shows and not the season’s cover artwork.

I have Infuse Pro 6 on an Apple TV connected to a Synology vs SMB

Structure is
TV Shows>Supernatural>Season_1>episodes

Editing the metadata doesn’t work, uninstalling InFuse and reinstalling didn’t resolve the issue, restarting didn’t resolve, deleting the folder and recreating it doesn’t resolve the issue. I even renamed all the episodes.

It is the only folder that does it. It ignores the subfolders. If I remove the episodes from the subfolder then the subfolder shows with assigned artwork.

Additionally, a second issue, some folders show the title of the folder under the thumbnail and others don’t. when I hover over folders with missing titles the title will show. When I stop hovering the title goes away.

Does anyone have any ideas?

I want to add a new observation. If I take all season folders from the Supernatural folder and move them into a new folder (I called it temp) all seasons show up organized as supernatural in the Library>TV Shows>All TV Shows

If I delete the Supernatural folder, recreate it, and then move the season folders back into it the show disappears from All TV Shows.

Also, if I rename the Supernatural folder to THE Supernatural it will flatten all episodes into the seasons folders and all is good.
That’s odd right?

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First, how do you have the individual episode files named? Also, what year was the show started? There are several TV shows with that name and that may be one of the problems.

If you have a link to the show on TVDB that may help. :slight_smile:

I renamed season one of Supernatural to Supernatural_S01E01_SHOWNAME.MVK

According to TVDB the series started in 2005. When I long press on an episode in Infuse and edit the meta data it identifies the show as being from 2005.


Thanks for the help on this.

Just to make sure I understand, you’ve solved your problem by changing the name of the files and then doing an edit?

The 2 issues were folder names not showing in Infuse for some folders and not flattened episodes into seasons.

Missing folder names fixed by renaming or deleting and creating again.

The Supernatural folder not flattening seasons (as I have organized them in the folder using subfolders and folder artwork. and changing the files names) was resolved after changing the folder name from Supernatural to THE Supernatural.

I suspect is it has something to do with cached meta date. Interestingly the issue persisted even after deleting the app, restarting the Apple TV, and reinstalling Infuse.

Short answer is yes the issue is now resolved.