Episode order

Overall satisfied with my current setup with Emby server, I’ve got a tiny issue.

S01E01 first aired on January 14, 2005
S00E01 and S00E02 (Pilot) aired on December 8 and 10, 2003

S00E01 and S00E02 are correctly matched by Emby server (thetvdb scraper) and classified as “Specials” but the order in Infuse is incorrect (at the end of the Special category).

How can I (if it’s possibile) to show Specials episode by first aired order?

What show?

Never mind… now it’s correct.

The show was Battlestar Galactica

Thanks for letting us know it corrected itself. :+1:

Is this because you switched to TMDB’s data and renamed the reboot-miniseries as Battlestar Galactica (2003) and kept the reboot-show as Battlestar Galactica (2004)?

They’re two different shows according to TMDB — the don’t consider the reboot-miniseries a S00 special of the series that came after, as theTVDB does.

Or did Infuse, via Emby, actually switch to displaying the specials (as per theTVDB) first?

No, as I use Emby server I chose thetvdb.com as scraper agent.

Minieries (S00E01 and S00E02) are shown in Battlestar Galactica as first episodes in Specials folder. When I started the thread, they were correctly recognized but shown in a “random” position.

I don’t use Emby (so I don’t know how Infuse interacts with it) but that is a curious thing. Interesting they sorted themselves out though. Perhaps Infuse just hadn’t fully processed its import of Emby’s library data yet?

Glad it’s sorted correctly for you now.

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