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I have individual episodes of Looney Tunes episodes (from the Golden Collection) extracted into separate files, but Infuse doesn’t recognize them. I really do not want to combine them into a single, huge file. I’m happy to create a metadata file if needed, but it seems like that’s aimed at movies (I haven’t found an example for use with episodes that originally aired on TV).

Right now the filenames include syntax like “.S01E03.” even though it’s not really a “season” but rather a volume and episode.

What’s the right way to name these to get Infuse to pull the metadata? Alternatively, what’s the XML metadata need to look like if I have to go that route?

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You’ll have to figure out what you’ve got based on the TVDB website. It appears that Looney Tunes is one of the rare shows that uses the year as the season number before the episode number. for example what you see as S01E01 if I’m looking at the right series you would have the file name as

“Looney Tunes S1929E01.ext”
The first season only had one episode it looks like and the next one that would normally be labeled as “S02” would be
“Looney Tunes S1930E01.ext”
“Looney Tunes S1930E02.ext”
“Looney Tunes S1930E03.ext”
and so on…

Here’s the TVDB page that shows the seasons and years

Here’s the users guide that will also outline the naming convictions for Infuse

The style I used above has worked best for me “Show Name S01E01.mkv” it seems to work most often for getting it right the first time.

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I’ll check it out. Thanks!