Episode information is out of order for Firefly

Hello Guys,

Product continues to impress me, I love it. For the first time, though, I’ve run into a little issue.

I have a folder named “Firefly” and inside of it I have the 13 episodes of this TV Show.

Each movie is named starting with S01Exx and then the title, for example:

S01E01 Serenity.mp4
S01E02 The Train Job.mp4

The problem is that the information displayed for each doesn’t match up. The page displayed by Infuse will give the name and description for a different episode than the one selected.

Now, I AM aware that the series was aired out of it’s intended order. When the DVD came out they were put in their correct, intended order and that is the order the files are named.

I am not following how Infuse decides what to use – does it strictly look at SxxEyy or does it consider the title as well or at all? And where does this database come from? In this case it’s definitely out of sync with what the file content intends.

Thank you for any assistance, it’s the only issue I’ve had but … darn if it isnt’ one of my favorite series so this sticks out sorely.


InFuse goes by the SxxEyy part of the name and uses the order on TMDB. The episode title is ignored by InFuse.

Infuse uses the SxxExx to order the series and the info comes from thetvdb.com.


I just changed the episode numbers for each to match the thetvdb order for Firefly

thetvdb, not tmdb :wink:

thetvdb, not tmdb

You are of course correct!

Apparently I have do that for it to work - theTVDB guys keep teiiing to use “DVD Order” options in my app. huh?

I’ve come across this before. The TVDB sometimes has separate episode listings for what was broadcast on TV and what came out on DVD, if the two vary. Infuse only reads the episode list that was broadcast. So if your DVD set differs, you need to match each DVD episode yourself with the broadcast order. Once your episode files are named to match the broadcast order they’ll read in fine. It’s a pest though!

I am not sure there has been any progress on this topic, but it looks like it may not be a feature yet Option to use alternate episode order and in this one firecore addresses firefly TV Episode ordering/metadata

Once again this forum impresses, you guys answer me with useful information and quickly.


I saw the thread there and they seem pretty cryptic about the whole thing. I’m not going to jump in the middle but maybe you could ask in the forum threads you have running there exactly WHERE the DVD order is listed for Firefly on their website. I’ve dug around there and even the listings that I had bookmarked in the past with DVD listing are no longer valid. I wonder it that particular moderator isn’t in the loop about the website not doing DVD order anymore… Stranger things have happened.

Edit to add: After reading a bit more over there, it appears that the API has options for retrieving DVD order. I’m not certain but I believe that Firecore is looking at going to the newer API for thetvdb and that may give the option to return DVD order or broadcast order. Again, I am totally guessing on this but it’s possible.

You could ask which version of the API supports DVD order requests I guess.