Episode gone in library, how do I get it back?


I had a broken version of one episode, that was visible in the library as it should. But after I fixed a new version of the episode, and removed the old one, Infuse removed the episode from the library (since I deleted the first version I guess). Even though I have a new version of the episode it won’t appear in Infuse library. Even when I moved around the proper version, or renamed it. New episodes are getting added as they should though. What can I do to solve this issue? I don’t want to clear all meta data of course, but I can do it for the entire show if possible.


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It’s possible this file may have been miscategorized in Infuse. To get it back you may try browsing via a normal folder/favorite and using the Edit option to select the correct match. You may also try browsing via the Other section in the library to see if it appears there.