Episode Art Not Working

Hi all.

I’ve recently noticed that certain shows are not displaying the episode art properly. I did the usual troubleshooting protocols: update the app, reset the metadata, forced the metadata update, restart the Apple TV, but nothing has worked.

I checked TVDB and the episode listings still have the art that I remember seeing, but it’s just not being pulled correctly.

Here are some examples:

It works on some episodes and not on others. On other shows, one season will have the proper art and the next will not.

Has anyone experienced this and maybe found a solution? I’d rather not have to manually add episode art to each unless absolutely necessary.

Many thanks in advance!

It appears that the problem is the pic on TVDB for those episodes you’re missing are not formatted correctly. The ones missing in Infuse are in a 4:3 screen ratio (640x480) and they should be in a 16:9 (640x360).

You may want to just live with this for a short while since Infuse will be transitioning to TMDB for TV show metadata and that may solve everything without having to do any patches. If you really want to fix it right now the best way would be to join TVDB and upload the correct sizes for the ones missing. Personally, I’m not making any more changes on my TV metadata until we get the new source running. :wink:

Happy one year anniversary by the way! :birthday:

Ahh I see. Thank you for the heads up. I’ll just wait for the transition to TMDB. It’s not a show I’m currently watching so it shouldn’t bother me too much. I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t a problem on my end.

Thank you! I just saw the cake slice by my username.

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Many tv series I have are old 3/4 aspect ratio. How to have a correct still from that episodes? I think was better have 3/4 AND 16/9.

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