Entire Apple TV crashes with 2.3

Had zero issues with the previous version.

Now I will have freezeups and crashes constantly.

Apple TV either restarts itself, or needs to be restarted.

Upon restart, Apple TV shows apple logo, then fades to black as light continuously blinks. It never resolves. It just blinks.

Additional restarts do not bring it back.

So far the only fix has been rejailbreaking and reinstalling Firecore.

I have now had to do this process several times, losing everything every time.

Can we please get an ETA on a fix for this? or allow us all to roll back to the previous version? This is a nightmare.

Would you mind sending in a bug report so we can troubleshoot further?

Also, keep in mind the current jailbreak for 5.3 is tethered, so just the tethered boot portion will need to be repeated if the Apple TV loses power. You won’t actually have to redo the entire jailbreak.

Had the same with aTV Flash black 2.4 and SP 0.9.5 - after crash it only boots to the apple logo then fade black and keeps blinking… :frowning:


try to re-jb