Enroll apple Beta program to try tvOS 17 but it's not showing

Following advice on the forum, and as I want to try tvOS 17 (beta or developpers version) to try the new DV 8.1 profile support, I enroll the beta program for my iPad and Apple TV 4K. iOS 17 pre release appears on my iPad (although I don’t install it) but no on my Apple TV. Do I have to install it on my iPad to make it appear available to download on my AppleTV 4K or am I missing something?
Thanks for your help.

May be a geo-location thing but after I enrolled yesterday it said there was no updates available (beyond the current tvOS 16 beta.)

However this morning the tvOS 17 beta showed up as available. So maybe check every few hours.

Thank you! Surely is location issue. Sooner or later it will show :slight_smile: