Enhanced XML/CoverArt Handling for TV-Shows

Hi James :slight_smile:

I have collected all Infos together in this Posting about the “Enhanced XML/CoverArt Handling
for TV-Shows”
… (with some more Screenshots and Mockups)

Do you have already a roadmap for this? :slight_smile:
Do you think this will be implemented in Infuse 5.1?

Look at the attached JPG’s… :slight_smile:

Or alternatively you can download it as a PDF-File here:

And one further request about this topic:

=> A possibility to overwrite the TV-Shows “Title” like in the example…
(Title without the “S1 • E2”!)
Der Hausgeist - S1 • E2 - Ein liebenswertes Gespenst => Der Hausgeist - Ein liebenswertes Gespenst

delete this comment

I agree on the ‘one season’ situation, but the whole thing about the XML support, isn’t that actually the whole Embedded Metadata stuff? If the data isn’t refreshing properly, this could be an Embedded Metadata issue, I turned off Embedded Metadata completely, because I want all information to be downloaded at once, sometimes the embedded metadata is off, and it is annoying to fix.

It has nothing to do with a refresh of Metadata…
Its about the customization with own xml and Cover (jpg) Files :slight_smile:

Hi James! :slight_smile:

Things still to do:

=> Info-Tab > Text is cut off (not complete)…
Look here:

For TV-Shows:
=> A possibility to overwrite the TV-Show Title like in this example…
(Title without the “S1 • E2”!)
Der Hausgeist - S1 • E2 - Ein liebenswertes Gespenst => Der Hausgeist - Ein liebenswertes Gespenst
=> The possibility to create own TV-Shows (Flattening folder as TV-Show)
=> The TV-Show Episodes has a different Typo-Size!
Maybe it would be better to have a consistent Size of the Episode-Title :slight_smile:

Look here for a example:

=> The Possibility to created own Collections!!
=> Custom CoverArt for Collections
=> Custom Fanart as blurred Background!!!

I try again to convince you how important and fundamental these enhanced XML/CoverArt Handling is! :slight_smile:
We need a way to use custom XML-Metadata and CoverArt only, without any dependency of any Online Movie Database!!! ??

Already completed things:

=> XML-Tag [media type=“X“] to customize Category!
([media type=“Movie“], [media type=“TV Show“])
(Anything that is currently not listed in TMDb or TheTVDb will be categorized in Library-View under „Other“!)
=> XML-Tag „Writer“ (currently can’t overwrite)
=> XML-Tag „Star Rating“ is not working if a Movie is not listed on TMDb/TheTVDb!!

For TV-Shows:
=> Custom Season-Poster!!
=> Custom Episode-Thumb!! (currently works with „filename-fanart.jpg“!)
=> Custom Fanart as blurred Background!!!
=> TV-Shows with only ONE Season should go directly to Preplayback-Screen (without the Seasonpage with only “Season 1”) ??

I hope that the Infuse Dev team is reading this thread, as there are some great ideas here!

I hope so, too!
This are absolutely basic functions…
I “fight” a long, long time for this… ??

One further argument to use custom JPGs as SeasonCover/Collection Cover etc. is the following:

Strictly speaking it is forbidden to upload a Cover Image to TheMovieDB/TheTVdb, because I’m not the owner of the copyright… ?

But it’s ok to use it only local on my own AppleTV!
But for this we need the possibility to use own Season-Cover JPGs etc. with Infuse ???

I have created a new PDF-File with the remaining Changes and some more Infos about it:

Hey James :wink:
It’s not entirely “solved”, but most of it is now done :slight_smile:

I have created a new PDF with the remaining little things, wich are very important:
(For these things is currently no “workaround” available)

=> The Creation of own TV-Shows/Collections are not so important right now, because they can created with a “workaround” (create online)!

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