Enhanced TV sorting

Currently in my case Infuse sorts eveything by recently added as per the setting in the menu.

Now Infuse also sorts the seasons and episodes by the same date logic and creates a bit of amess when you, like in my case, regurlay replace archived episodes with a better quality one, thus creating a new date.

Would it be possible to leave the eason an episode sorting chronological?

The Infuse behaviour does what it says, but would be great to have a second layer.

Or am I overlooking an obvious setting?

If you use the Library it will maintain the season/episode order correctly.

You can add the All TV Shows as a home screen favorite and it will give you that sort.

Not in my case, or I am really not seeing it.

My Season order for eg. GoT is 1/7/6/5/4/3/2 under TV Series the favourite icon. Under library the sort is exactly the same.

The reason is that I upgraded season 1 recently.

Sort setting is Date by the way.

I would prefer to keep the season order chronologically, optional desending or ascending. This is happening with all my TV shows.

So if you go

Library > TV Shows > All TV Shows > Game of Thrones

your seasons are out of order?


Never mind, I just changed my settings to Sort Order by Date and it’s as you said.

If you put your sort order to “Title” you can still go to the library and see "Recently Added’ for both Movies and TV Shows. That should give you want you want, just going about it a different way.

Yes, they are in the order as I mentioned.

When I change the sort setting to Release Date, it fixes the season sort, but then the TV Shows are also in the Release Date sort.

So the Date sort works, for the first level (TV Show overview), but also sorts the Season according to the newly added date.

I just edited my post above as you were answering sorry.