Enhanced spatial audio support (Atmos)


I’ve read all the posts regarding the Dolby Atmos issue.
I run my tests mainly with my AirPods Max or Apple TV. I haven’t been able to properly show the ‘Dolby Atmos’ ‘badge’ when playing Atmos/EAC3 video files (5.1 or 7.1). I’ve tried many files with no luck. For example : Tools & Media Sample Media Video Streams | Dolby Developer. These samples work fine in QuickTime and the ‘Dolby Atmos’ badge shows as expected.
The same file played in Infuse or QuickTime sounds different which make me think the ‘Dolby Atmos’ or ‘multichannel’ badge can be trusted.

Can anyone point me to a file I could download to check if Dolby Atmos is actually working in Infuse (by showing ‘Dolby Atmos’ and not ‘Mutlichannel’) ?

Thanks !

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+1 - I’m also eagerly waiting for this feature.

Spatial audio in airpods is a game changer for watching movies at night while the kids are in dreamland. Atmos support would make it even more amazing. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hi, As everybody on this topic , I would love to see this feature added on one future update.

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I also would love this feature and have liked the main post.

How is Netflix, Disney+, etc. able to support Dolby Atmos on AirPods Pro/Max but Infuse can’t?
How long do I have to wait?

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Same here. Having atmos to work with airpods would be amazing!

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Maybe those big companies have special API entitlements and a direct licensing deal with Dolby.

Both Apple and Dolby know that anything Atmos playing from Infuse is not legitimate. They will just ask firecore developers to contact whoever provided the source files for technical support.

Not entirely correct. There are people that use Infuse for playback of personally created Atmos mixes.

I mean, a person always creates them. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

That’s not what chat GBT said… :robot:

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ChatGPT: Whoever that is, sounds familiar.


I think the completion of spatial audio support to be on par with most streaming apps and Apple’s internal player would be a great addition to the direct mode that’s currently in development. Plex is already one step behind with their broken multichannel spatial audio attempts, and this would put Infuse yet another step ahead.

Noticed the issue was changed to “researching” and it’s now on the radar for 7.6.x: Upcoming Features (updated 9/26/23)


Nice spot mate.
Great news too.
I imagine it will be limited to lossy Atmos but cool all the same.

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Omg that’s amazing! Great spot

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Hi, regarding Atmos on AirPods, I came across something interesting through a Reddit comment. Previously, when I chose a DDP track with Atmos without using the AirPods, my TV displayed the Dolby Atmos logo. However, when I connected the AirPods, the track switched to multichannel. I observed that if I put on the AirPods without pausing the video, they indicate that Dolby Atmos is being played. However, if I pause the video and then resume or switch to another chapter, it reverts to Multichannel. What does this mean? Am I actually experiencing Atmos through AirPods in this scenario, or is it just a display bug?

There’s a bunch of display bugs I’m sure. The official Plex app plays multi channel spatial audio, I’ve tested it to 7.1 and it works. But the ATV reports it as “stereo”. It’s not.

Hopefully we won’t have to wait too much longer for Atmos. Very excited about that.

Are you saying that the Apple TV displays Multichannel through AirPods but it actually plays Atmos ? Or are you saying that without the AirPods when the TV displays the Atmos Logo it’s actually only multichannel ?
Or maybe your saying something else ^^
I actually don’t have atmos speakers to test it. The only way I can have atmos is through the AirPods

I’m saying with the Air Pods the Apple TV says it’s stereo even though it’s playing back as multi channel through the airpods.

Therefore what the Apple TV control panel reports can’t be relied upon with buggy implementations.

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