Enhanced spatial audio support (Atmos)

Not entirely correct. There are people that use Infuse for playback of personally created Atmos mixes.

I mean, a person always creates them. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

That’s not what chat GBT said… :robot:

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ChatGPT: Whoever that is, sounds familiar.


I think the completion of spatial audio support to be on par with most streaming apps and Apple’s internal player would be a great addition to the direct mode that’s currently in development. Plex is already one step behind with their broken multichannel spatial audio attempts, and this would put Infuse yet another step ahead.

Noticed the issue was changed to “researching” and it’s now on the radar for 7.6.x: Upcoming Features (updated 9/26/23)


Nice spot mate.
Great news too.
I imagine it will be limited to lossy Atmos but cool all the same.

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Omg that’s amazing! Great spot

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Hi, regarding Atmos on AirPods, I came across something interesting through a Reddit comment. Previously, when I chose a DDP track with Atmos without using the AirPods, my TV displayed the Dolby Atmos logo. However, when I connected the AirPods, the track switched to multichannel. I observed that if I put on the AirPods without pausing the video, they indicate that Dolby Atmos is being played. However, if I pause the video and then resume or switch to another chapter, it reverts to Multichannel. What does this mean? Am I actually experiencing Atmos through AirPods in this scenario, or is it just a display bug?

There’s a bunch of display bugs I’m sure. The official Plex app plays multi channel spatial audio, I’ve tested it to 7.1 and it works. But the ATV reports it as “stereo”. It’s not.

Hopefully we won’t have to wait too much longer for Atmos. Very excited about that.

Are you saying that the Apple TV displays Multichannel through AirPods but it actually plays Atmos ? Or are you saying that without the AirPods when the TV displays the Atmos Logo it’s actually only multichannel ?
Or maybe your saying something else ^^
I actually don’t have atmos speakers to test it. The only way I can have atmos is through the AirPods

I’m saying with the Air Pods the Apple TV says it’s stereo even though it’s playing back as multi channel through the airpods.

Therefore what the Apple TV control panel reports can’t be relied upon with buggy implementations.

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I noticed this myself in Plex after someone mentioned it (possibly you) over on the Plex forums.
Sadly I do have quite a lot of older stuff like documentaries that only carry stereo audio and that’s where Plex really fails. Spatial stereo for such items is just stereo.

Is there an estimated date when Spatial Audio & Atmos will be added to Infuse? Infuse has been a fantastic application but now seems to be lacking on the audio side, I now find I use Infuse less & less because of this and use the computers app on the Mac so I Can get Atmos.

No, but I wouldn’t hold your breath for anytime reasonably soon. Infuse takes the audio and video very seriously and they aren’t going to make any even minor changes without making sure it doesn’t affect anything else in the system. Right now they are quite busy working on some other items that have been in the backlog for a while.

At least it does support Spatial Audio, just not atmos directly.

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How can you confirm that the Plex app actually plays the same multi channel audio and quality as Infuse with Spatial Audio? I think Infuse sounds better but that maybe just me.

I’m really bummed this is probably going to create major issues for Atmos audio on the Vision Pro. I’d imagine we end up with the exact same issues.

Would be good if it can be used with other brand headphones that support spatial audio eg Sony, Samsung, etc… not just Apple ones

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This is not possible unless Apple opens its spatial audio (HRTF) implementation to generic headphones, and even in that highly unlikely scenario head tracking wouldn’t be possible with those (though it would still be fine with me).

Infuse might be able to apply their own HRTF effects, decoding the multichannel audio and processing it into stereo output, but the vast majority of available alternatives aren’t even good, only Dolby Headphone and DTS Surround Sensation, both deprecated already, were close for me. Even Dolby Atmos for Headphones which is their current one, sucks in comparison, the front channels don’t even seem like they’re coming from the front. This would also require you to turn off Apple’s spatial audio and can get confusing very quickly.