"English" Posters Deleted

I have used “Infuse” for my 800 film movie collection for a couple of years. Recently when auto updating the Metadata about 20 movie posters now appear in a language other than English (e.g. Karate Kid, Vantage Point, Rumour Has It). My language is set to English. Based on other discussions the problem appears to be that the “English” posters have been somehow entirely deleted from TMDB. I just now joined TMDB and re-added several of the English posters and intend to correct the rest, but editing the individual movie Metadata in Infuse causes no change. Is my only recourse to Clear All Metadata (700 MB) and reload it all?

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TMDb recently went through a major site update, and as part of general housekeeping some older, outdated images may have been removed.

Newly added posters will be available Infuse, though there may be a slight delay as caches and things at TMDb need to be updated.

I would give it a few hours, then use the Edit option in Infuse to refresh the artwork.

Thanks for the info…hopefully that corrects the problem…

It may take a bit of time before the posters you submitted are allowed to be used by the API so give it a day or so and then do an “Edit Metadata” and select the correct choice again and it should update.

Never mind my post. :slight_smile:

James put it best. :wink:

Thank god! I was wondering why a bunch of my movie posters were displaying in every language except English.

It would be nice to have the ability to select which cover art we want to use from TMDB.