endless crashing and no way to fix

Please help.

Primary problem is crashing. When I move through the menus, as soon as I hit "internet," I get "! An error has occurred. Please press play/pause to restart your Apple TV."

I have seen this post:

[quote="max"] This issue was fixed in version 4.1.5. If you're running 4.1.4 you may try the fix outlined here: http://forum.atvflash.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=3358&start=10#p14101 [/quote]

Except! My atv is not connected to the network so I can't connect to it from my computer.

Diagnostics says nothing is wrong.

My next step would be to factory restore but I have an external drive and I would have to change to internal which I can't do because I can't get past "Internet" when scrolling through menus without it crashing.

When I do press Play/Pause to restart, it gets stuck on the RemoteHelper window for Remote HD (is this part of the problem??)

I would appreciate any help with this. 

Either with fixing the underlying problem or tell me how to factory restore without being able to change to internal storage and whether if I just factory restore with external connected, I will lose everything thats saved.

thank you.


You can update 1 of 2 ways.

1. Download the current 4.2 version of aTV Flash and install using a USB drive.  (download link available in your account)

2. Connect your AppleTV to the network temporarily so you follow the fix here:  forum.firecore.com/topic/2882#comment-8957  Once the fix is in place, you can update aTV Flash through the Maintenance --> Manage Plugins menu without it affecting your external storage.  There will also be an updated version of Remote HD (available via Maintenance --> Install Extras menu) which will prevent the dialog box from appearing.

Hi Bethyv, did either of these solutions work for you? I am having exactly the same problem you described. I did try re-installing format the flash drive. Failed. Like you, I can’t get past the menu item “Internet”. I get the message " an error occurred" etc. Let me know if you were successful. I’ll try the 2nd solution if that fails I guess I’ll just try to get my money back. Good luck.

If your having an issue scrolling past Internet you may try the fix here: forum.firecore.com/topic/2882#comment-8957