Endless Buffering?

Does anyone else get endless buffering in Media Player (Beta 5) with any large HD files?


Seems to happen with AVI and MKV.


Test File: 6.5GB

Birate: 6 704kbps

Profile: high@L4.1


It’s a 720p, MKV.


Happen for anyone else? I’ve had success playing much smaller MKVs: ~1.4GB, lower bitrate, without any problems at all (Great!)


I don’t think the medai player has a buffer on it.

I am playing from a NAS drive MP4’s with H.264 1.2Gb 720px, not big files at all and it stalls every 2 seconds some just get stuck for ages

Are you playing from iTunes or an external drive?

I’m having the same problem with a .mv4 file, which is 2GB in size. Also, some .mkv will work but others won’t, so the problem doesn’t seem to be the type of files.

I’m streaming from an external disk. All other files work pretty well, but this one will just buffer endlessly.

Thanks for any help.

I’m streaming from a NAS.


Media player does buffer media I believe.

Based on your file size, that particular file may be a bit stout for the current version of Media Player to handle.

The upcoming version will handle larger HD files much better, and should resolve most, if not all, the issues you are seeing.