Endeavour TV show, showing French (?) image in series, but English images for seasons

I have the Endeavour TV show organized like my other shows, and Infuse is finding the seasons and episodes and assigning an English image for the season. All great.

When I go up to the Series view, Infuse is showing a French (?) image for series (French writing on image, I think). Getting to the series itself on themoviedb site, I see only English images, a couple of Russian and some others. Other shows/language is all English (which is what I want), except for this one show.

I can’t find the “French” image in the movie DB entries, so not sure what is going on. Can’t seem to find a way for the “directory” to re-collect meta data, the Images selected at the season level is all in English and looks fine.



What language is your Apple TV set to? Do you have any images stored near the episode videos?

Infuse currently uses TheTVDb for TV show metadata and artwork, and the posters for this series can be found here.

If you want to try and refresh the artwork, you can long-press on any of the episodes and Infuse will reload metadata and artwork for the entire series.

Language is set to English (U.S). Its the French image, bottom center. (thanks for sending the correct link)

Recently set/unset local metadata to encourage recollection of images and episode data. Now showing English language cover page for series. Not sure how/why the French version for there. All fixed now.

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