Enabling composite video output (for non-HD TVs)


I still have an “old” TV with only Scart connectors as input.
I’ve been searching a lot and I’ve found some expensive converters to convert from the components aTV output to Scart:

I’ve also seen that there’s a free way to do it via software with NitoTV but unfortunately I’ve followed the steps and it’s not working. I have the latest firmware 3.0.2 on my apple TV.

Does anybody know how to proceed?


Hey, I’ve finally managed to make it work :slight_smile:
The issue was that the first time it didn’t work, and then I also selected the ‘add to rc.local’ instead of using the startup option, so everytime I was redoing the whole process nothing was happening.
I had to unload the kext and then I did the process again and it worked!!!