Enabling AFP in 3.0

I’ve placed the recovery.dmg for the 1.0 OS in /Users/frontrow/Documents/ but when I run the Smart Installer then attempt to connect to an AFP network share it tells me AFP support is not installed. I’ve also changed the name to os.dmg and ran the Smart Installer as well to no avail. Anyone had any success with this? Thanks!

I followed the wiki explanation located http://wiki.atvflash.com/index.php?title=Enable_AFP

Hey i am having the same problem also



Update to this

have tried this morning to go into nitoTV then network and press the right button on the remote and now all i get is An error has occurred press play/pause to restart your apple tv

please could someone help


It turns out I was using OS.dmg which I was under the impression is the same as recovery.dmg but is not. If you don’t have a “Take 1” TV then you have to find a friend that has one and ask him to run this command

sudo dd if=/dev/disk0s2 of=recovery.dmg bs=1m

After I placed the correct recovery.dmg into ~/Documents things worked out great. Due to IP restrictions it’s not technically ‘legal’ to share the recovery.dmg so hunt it down on the torrent sites or have a friend do it for you. Best of luck.

silly question i have been trying to find this file for ages now i can find it on some torrent sites but i have to pay for it

can anyone tell me where i can find it or can someone email me it cheers

Although the above procedure will enable true AFP, if you’re looking for a less laborious alternative with similar functionality check this thread:
It requires a couple of open source downloads for Mac OS X, but it works and gives you a mountable ATV drive just like AFP would, although it is SSHFP. It doesn’t require anything new on ATV other than the ATVflash hack.

thanks for this will give it ago in a bit but will it work with 3.0 and atvflash4.0

I have it working with ATV3.0 and ATVflash4.0

I have looked into this furter and this is not what i require i do need the Full AFP as i have 3 hard drives connect to my Airport Extreeme and need to access them.

I did find a 1.0 dmg but it did not have the Recovery option in it :evil: i have just done a factory restore on my apple tv and this has taken it back to 2.0.

Please could someone point me in the right direction on getting this file from somwhere