Enable WOL (Wake-On-Lan) for Emby/Jellyfin servers

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Would it be possible to add a Mac-Address also for Emby/Jellyfin servers to allow WOL (Wake-On-Lan) there too?

I’m using Emby on a Synology NAS that is mostly turned off when not in use (WOL works to wake it up through my Router or through the Synology DS Finder App.)

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Nobody else needs this?

@james Any feedback please? This should be possible to implement, right?

Edit: The thread title should probably read “Enable WOL for Emby/Jellyfin connections” to make it more clear.

For media servers like Emby and Jellyfin, Infuse accesses the media server software instead of the actual hardware.

To workaround this, what you could do is set up a dummy SMB share for the device the Emby/Jellyfin server is running on, and add the MAC address for this dummy share. Doing this should allow Infuse to wake the device, which would then allow the media server software to be accessible.

Note: You may need to also add an empty folder as a favorite, and ensure this is selected in the Library selection screen - just so Infuse includes this device while doing its automatic scans.

Hi james,

thanks for the reply! I will add such a share as a workaround.

Maybe sometime in the future, there will be a way to do this easier.
But for the time beeing its ok for me.

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A similar discussion was held about this in the past but with regards to Plex. Hopefully an official solution can be rolled out in the future rather than work arounds.



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