Enable support for ABC (Australia) iView

Hi there,

I would really love to see included in a future release support to access ABC (Australia) iView video on demand service, which is very similar to the BBC iPlayer service.

I have read that it is possible to access the iView flash ap via Firefox, however I have had no sucess to date. 

Please consider a patch! If anyone has any instructions on how I may get it working then please get in touch.



 Hi Paul,

You may well have seen for yourself but I just thought I'd let you know that the new Dharma build of XBMC has an ABC iView add-on that works brilliantly, they also have a add-on that just does the news channel. Avoid Boxee at all costs, the quality of any video in that program is poor at best as it uses Flash and coupled with the clunky OS it's not a good experience. The new XBMC grabs the h.264 feeds and also has a much slicker & more responsive interface.