Enable PiP when tapping home button

Hello James

does UI improvements is about the picture in picture when we click on the physical home button?
On plex, aplication tv, when i click at the button, i have the pip.
by habit, under infuse that I use all the time now that plex is integrated , I click on this button and it cuts the video, i must reopen infuse, and click bottom icon
this would be great if this is planned in this release 5.8.1


Moving this over to suggestions for now. :slight_smile:

Automatic PIP if video is playing.

Basically if switchIng to another app while Infuse is playing a video then, on those iOS devices that support PIP, infuse should automatically go into PIP mode. Ideally when switching back to infuse it should automatically go back into full screen mode.

I saw this behaviour in the BBC iPlayer and thought it would be great in Infuse.


I note many Video/media players allow a sweep up to move to the PIP mode.
It works well and I live in hope Infuse may do the same.
The small PIP button is fiddle especially on a mobile.