is anyone doing this successfully?

I thought the whole point of buying this was so we didn’t have to do any ‘mucking’ around
(sorry for the b*tchy tone, but i’m just frustrated spending so long on trying to just get this thing up and running)

i tried FTP’ing the CoreAudioKit.framework > ATV Documents Folder, installing Flash, but no go. It says 'Installation Failed"

Does anyone have suggestions?
aTV Flash people??


ps* I realize it’s tricky biz w/ the copyright and all, I just am looking for the definitive answer on this, as clearly, there are still tons of people that are confused…


It doesn’t ever seem to confirm that it’s installed, but I know after trying a few times, check through couch surfer and go to a site with flash (I use adobe.com, why not?). Eventually it does install…

Also, check here: