Enable Flash Content for Internet.....

Hi Everyone ,

Brand new and installed everything well yesterday …works great .
I have a few newbie ?'s about getting flash media to work and how to get it back on to appletv.
I kinda get the “USB thing” because I was able to install this program but what do you do to get the flash enabled and then get it to appletv …I don’t really get this terminal stuff on your iMac and what that has to do with appletv
Could someone give me the step by step.



I hope that in feature the Flash plugin is compatible with the system 10.5x leopard, why you do not update the system to the last system from Apple?

Or make 2 aTVflash sticks for Tiger and for Leopard?
Now the new Mac users with a aTV can not use the Browser with Flash page.
And can not look to movie page what the aTV is made for.

Thks good work

That’s a good question. For whatever reason Apple has chosen to stick with a version of OSX 10.4 Tiger for the Apple TV. No one knows why they have not updated it run Leopard. It may be due to the fact that Leopard tends to require more system resources than Tiger, and seeing that the Apple TV only has 256mb of RAM, it may have been a smart choice.